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eD-TEC as your platform and systems consultant. We will identify and develop your solution.

Drive train technology

eD-TEC Technlogy Platform 360°

eD-TEC offers an entire platform solution regarding the architecture and drive train. All components, from the battery to the propeller 100% integrated, modular and scalable. Find out which system and which drive trains fit best to you mission or vessel!

Identifying your system


Knowing your demands makes this step very easy. Based on vessel size, weight and hull type we eD-TEC can suggest and provide the power system that lives up to the customers expectation. eD-TEC can offers the eD-QDrive´s from 50kW up to 2400kW system power.
Hull technology

Gliding, Foiling, Flying

Hull technology is a key technology regarding efficient performance. Contrary to the automotive, where drag increase with speed, a hull that enters the gliding or foiling phase at higher speeds, decreases drag. Which Hull fits best to your application? We will be happy to help.

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Contact us, and we will be happy to talk to you about your vessel and your joint CO2-neutral missions and adventures. Whether you are building your own vessel or your shipyard is looking for a reliable energy and propulsion system from one hand, we can provide one.

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