Better than flying 


The eD-Enterprise

The eD-Enterprise. Crafted out of a wood-fibre composite, this 9-meter-long and 2.50-meter-wide Kaiser K-900 embodies our commitment to sustainability and innovation. And the name "eD-Enterprise" perfectly captures our vision of an electric-driven future. Powering the eD-Enterprise are 2x eD-QDrive 1's, each capable of providing 100 kW of continuous power and boosting up to an impressive 200 kW for a thrilling 2 minutes.  



eD-TEC Testboat

 eD-Enterprise stands as a purpose-built testboat, enabling comprehensive technology stack testing and the trial of new soft and hardware functionalities before wider implementation. This voyage of exploration marks a significant stride in our mission to revolutionize powerboating with cleaner, greener, and more sustainable solutions.

Intuituve & COnvenient

Designated HMI

The vessel is controlled through the specially designed user interface. With this the operator has the most vital information and functions always in sight. Intuitive and convenient interaction is key, the interface as well as every other component is subject to updates and upgrade over the air. 


The eD-QDrive

The eD-QDrive 1 powers the Silent Speed to more than 62Kts top speed, while operating in humble silence. The power unit is developed to offer maximum performance whilst ensuring low maintanence and safety. The entire system posses a entirely redundant control system in the very rare case of CANBus failure. 



The Silent Speed is 100% electric, thus offers all the torque and power any operator can wish for. Fully CO2 neutral operation is possible without any issue and without comprimisung performance.


peak power

The boost function of the eD-QDrives help the Silent Speed up to speed. 400kW Peak power can be utilised to shoot into a new era of boating.

The eD-Enterprise

Offers comfort, convenience, performance at 0 emission.
100% Electric

Twin eD-QDrive 1 Propulsion


66 kWh Battery

Predictive Maintance

HPC up to 150kW

ed tec vessels enterprise testboat 3a

ExplorinG NEW Worlds

The eD-Enterprise—an exciting voyage into uncharted territory. This testboat signifies a remarkable stride in our quest to redefine the powerboating sector, introducing eco-friendly and sustainable innovations.

ed tec vessels enterprise testboat

Fully connected and ALWAYS online

Thanks to eD-TEC, each system component connects directly to the AI BOX for efficient over-the-air updates. This makes the vessel smarter and more capable with each passing year.

ed tec vessels enterprise testboat 2

The ed-qdrive 1

The eD-Enterprise is equiped with 2 eD-QDrive 1´s. delivering up to 400kW to to props. The purity of power paired with an absolute silent drive train is eye opening.