One Vision - One Team

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A broad and international team

eD-TEC has partnered and brought in talent globally to ensure the highest levels of experience in each core technology.

Our Experience

Our team has yearlong experience regarding each technology pillar. Ranging from Surface propulsion, battery power, integration & industrialization, naval engineering, and hydrofoils down to software and its integration down to the last component.

Our Philosophy

We identify, select and develop critical technologies for the technology stack. This cannot be described as a project or goal; it is a dream and a vision of sustainable enjoyment on the ocean. eD-TEC consists of believers spread out over the world. The pursuit of silent and pure power on the sea has concluded with the start-up "eD-TEC" to be born.

Believers in core technologies

Core Technologies

System efficiency through combination of core technologies.



Surface Propulsion

Surface propulsion is a delicate technology involving notable experience to achieve outstanding perfromance, efficiency and maneuverability.

Drive Train 

Optimising the electric drivetrain to operate within the most efficient window is key for efficiency and range. 


The developement of a designated high-voltage performance battery is a key factor to reach top performance without sacrifcing the power-to-weight ratio.

Platform Integration

System efficiency is achieved through the combination of all technologies into a modular and scalable platform. Offering customers a great product range.