NEWS: JOST Group und eD-TEC beteiligen sich an SUNPACT!

Ein StartUp für innovative skalierbare

Speicherlösungen von 2,5 kWh bis 100 kWh.



Solar Brella ist auf der Intersolar Europe

in München vom 18.- 21. Juni 2024 vertreten.

eD-Technology Stack 360°

The Modular & Scalable Technology Platform.


The eD-QDrive is a revolutionary propulsion system, developed by eD-TEC. The Drive unit is fully integrated with safeguards, cooling, gearbox and controls.

Developed by leading experts in surface propulsion and electronics, the eD-QDrive offers ease of use, convenience and reliablility.

New electric driven technology
Plug & Play
The eD-QDrive is easy to install, maintain and replace due to its easy mounting system and plug&play interface. High-end materials like titanium drastically reduce maintenance demand.
Reliable & Safe
Through a vast range of safeguards and intelligent monitoring controllers, the eD-QDrive offers excellent safety. Built-in sensors further provide a range of data sources to enable predictive maintenance, to identify an issue before it is an issue.
100% Electric
The eD-QDrive is 100% Electric and, through high-end motors, very light and compact. This means all the torque you need in a compact and lightweight package.




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